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  Welcome to Dizzy's Donuts!  My name is Eric Guthrie, and I love donuts! I have always loved donuts, ever since I was a little boy.

I remember my family frying canned biscuits and tossing them in cinnamon and sugar. Loved it! I remember buying a giant box of glazed donuts from the local grocery store. The lid on the box made each donut sweaty and little more sticky than it should be. I loved it.

I remember in the 80's when the frozen, microwav-able donut blessed us. Just 20 seconds, and you have a hot, sugar bomb, that would scar you for life if it landed on your skin. But I loved it.

I wasn't afraid to grab a donut in the 90's when they suddenly became our worst enemy.  I was still in love with a good donut. The problem was, I was starting to notice not all donuts were created equal. "Hot Donuts Now" signs started popping up all over Atlanta and the South, and a new, different donut was born. They would take over most other donuts. They were in the grocery stores, the gas stations, and even on Wall Street.

Flash to present in Boulder, CO.

After 20 plus years in the kitchen and a culinary degree specializing in French techniques, I'm still in love with a donut, but I can't find a good one.  I'm in Boulder, "Foodiest Town in the Nation" and I can't find a good donut. What is to be done?  I see people in the grocery store buying donuts like crazy. They look over their shoulder to make sure nobody can see their anticipation. They know it's not the best donut, but in Boulder, it's the only donut. Sometimes you just need a donut!

Well I couldn't take it any longer. No more will I hide my original love for a donut. Carbs, sugars, saturated fats, and glutens be damned.  I will make the best donut Boulder has encountered.  No longer will we shamefully slip into a gas station for a flat, airy wad of sugar, disguised as a donut.

So, I took my love for a donut, my pastry skills, and my obnoxious sense of perfectionism, and I started to develop my recipe.  I realized that Boulder and Boulder County would have to have the best donut out there for them to come out of their donut closet.  So that is what I did.  I created a donut that even Boulder will love.  I use the finest ingredients and make every one by hand, in small batches.  No filling or topping will ever come out of a box or a bucket.  No donut will be neglected of love.  Each one is a delicate work of art.

So if you are going to eat a donut...EAT A GOOD ONE!