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Good News.  Our new shop is now open!  

We will continue to do donut delivery soon.  

(Orders will have to be placed in advance, like before).  



Classic Glazed

Still a favorite!

$1.75 each       qty:

Classic Chocolate

Mmmmm...chocolate donut

$1.75 each       qty:

Classic Maple

Maple lovers know what we're talking about with this one.

$1.75 each       qty:

Boulder Cream

Look out Boston. This one is filled with delicious vanilla pastry cream, and topped with chocolate ganache.

$2.00 each       qty:

The Gillespie

Will the real Dizzy please stand up...this one is for you. Raised donut with Belgium chocolate ganache, house made caramel, and "salt peanuts"

$2.00 each       qty:

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Any questions?

$2.00 each       qty:

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Filled with fluffy peanut butter mousse and topped with Belgium chocolate ganache.

$2.00 each       qty:

Key Lime Pie

Literally a key lime pie, with a donut inside. Tangy key lime filling, topped with graham cracker crust.

$2.00 each       qty:


It's like taking a donut to a campfire. Hershey's milk chocolate, real graham cracker pieces, and toasted marshmallow cream.

$2.00 each       qty:

The Buck

Chocolate raised donut filled with marshmallow cream and dipped in Nutella.

$2.00 each       qty:

Creme Brulee

Fine dining meets the donut! Actual creme brulee custard inside with a torched sugar top.

$2.00 each       qty:

Jalapeno Cheddar

Sauteed jalapenos and cheddar cheese give this guy just the kick you may need in the morning. Covered with a green Tabasco glaze. (add a double espresso and you've got a breakfast of champions)

$2.00 each       qty:

Maple Bacon Square

YES! That is bacon!

$2.50 each       qty:

Cinnamon Raisin Roll

Cinnamon goodness! You can get this one with or without almonds.

$2.50 each       qty:

Cinnamon Twist

What can we say about this one? It'a a cinnamon twist. Delicious.

$2.50 each       qty:

Fruit Fritter

Folks love a fritter! It may be apple, pineapple, strawberry, or peach. Or whatever else we may come across.

$2.50 each       qty:

Fruit Turnover

Divine! Fresh, seasonal fruit inside a raised donut. This one is apple, but you may find blueberry, pear, peach...

$2.50 each       qty:

Ham Donut

Don't be scared of this one. It might be the perfect hangover cure. Warm, smoked ham inside a glazed donut square. A ham biscuit, only better; because it's a donut!

$5.00 each       qty: